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Protective enclosure custom maid : Enviroclean ™  

Trace and ultra-trace determination using AAS, ICP/ ICP-MS, demand increasing sample protection to prevent contamination from ambient air, during di­gestion and sample introduction. In order to answer our cus­tomer’s needs we have used our expertise with digestion and sample introduction in ICP and AAS and have designed a filtering enclosure concept that is both versatile and economical.

Le coût des acides de haute pureté, du commerce, rend la distillation d’acides indispensable pour les laboratoires qui veulent garantir la qualité de leurs résultats. Pour la sécurité, il est préférable de les faire fonctionner dans des enceintes de protection comme les EnviroClean dédiées à cette application.

Versatile and economical Filtering enclosure

This table top laboratory enclosure, equipped with HEPA filter, provides a clean airflow using a PVC coated fan which is easy to access for the operator. Transparent parts are built in PET-G offering exceptional clarity in addition to chemical resistance to acid vapour and other solvents. The door opens at 180° allowing easy access to the chamber. The bottom plate and the top are made of a resistant polymer which is easy to wipe. The HEPA filter box design provides easy replacement of the filter by the operator within just a few minutes. Similarly, the fan is easily dismantled for easy cleaning and can be connected to a 100 mm diameter flexible tube for exhaust.  


For laboratories with no evacuation, for the use of the autosampler or acid distiller, we provide 1 recirculating box with acid trap that can be installed anywhere.

The trap filter is an ERLAB filter specialized in re-circulation hoods.

This system is not recommended in the case of mineralization as the amount of acid vapors to trap is very important compared to the size of the filter

On request, we also manufacture corrosion protection enclosures for the devices, especially when placed in an aggressive environment. This is the case for Ametek's ICP Spectro Blue performing online analysis. In this case we have developed a ventilation system that supplies the enclosure with clean air to prevent the appliance from coming into contact with acidic vapors present in the room.

This enclosure is designed with removable panels and doors allowing maintenance operations by users or after-sales service.

Anti-corrosion enclosures for exposed equipments

We also manufacture custom made tables to support very heavy equipments such as ICP. Our custom-made tables can support weights up to 300 kg and be adapted to the working height of users

Support tables for heavy appliances

Re circulation trap